Our Approach to Law is Simple.


Success in representation and claim management breaks down into three areas:

1. Relationships. This means fostering a healthy relationship between everyone involved in the claim, from clients to medical providers to opposing parties. 

2. Respect Time. Next to health, time is the most important asset in a claim. We work hard to ensure folks can get back to their lives as soon as the law will allow; we won't wait until the last minute to handle issues.

3. Experience. For us, experience means staying up-to-date on the latest changes in the law. It means going to court when necessary and not settling at the first offer that comes our way. Finally, it means each FWI team member handles the claim from the moment it's opened until the final resolution is reached.



Your attorneys are Brianne Falgien, Jerrod Warr, and Vinny Iyer; click on their names to learn more. Your paralegals are Rebecca Larsen, who specializes in workers' compensation, and Sarah Feuker, who specializes in personal injury.


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